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Love monster movies?

We’re talkin’
the good, the bad
& the downright campy.

Traditional kaiju, creature features, space invaders,
classic Hollywood monsters, the supernatural,
and everything in between.
All strange beasts welcome.

Hosted by
Vincent S. Hannam & Matthew Cole Levine;
two writers with a passion for film analysis.

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About your hosts

Vincent S. Hannam
started Camp Kaiju in 2021 from an insatiable need to talk to somebody, anybody about his favorite films. A life long fan of genre movies, he channels this passion into podcasting and playwriting. His plays Frankenstein and Sharknami: The Musical? have been
performed around the country.

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Matthew Cole Levine
is a film critic, novelist, and screenwriter based in St. Paul, MN. He has written for the Walker Art Center, British Film Institute, and Joyless Creatures and continues to serve as writer and editor for Found Footage Magazine. His first novel, Hollow, was published by Unsolicited Press in June 2022.

More info at www.matthewcolelevine.com

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