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Dr. Mabuse, Fritz Lang & Silent Monster Movies (Patreon Preview) Camp Kaiju: Monster Movie Reviews

Previewing THE TESTAMENT OF DR. MABUSE (1933), the film the Nazis banned from the director who inspired Hitchcock. Then we dish on our favorite Silent Era monster movies: METROPOLIS, PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, HAXAN, and more. Head on over to Patreon and become a Patron for more exclusive content (but don't worry, regular episodes will always be free for the masses!) And check out & Instagram for more. Thanks friends! — Support this podcast:
  1. Dr. Mabuse, Fritz Lang & Silent Monster Movies (Patreon Preview)
  2. 59 | John Carpenter's Vampires (1998)
  3. 58 | Prey (2022)
  4. 57 | Shin Godzilla (2016) feat. Frank Olson
  5. 56 | Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995) feat. Armando Rivera
  6. Bonus: Haruo Nakajima, Communists & Shin Japan Heroes Universe
  7. 55 | Rodan (1956) feat. Frank Olson
  8. Bonus: Sights & Sounds from GFEST XXVII
  9. 54 | Terror of Mechagodzilla (1975) – Live from GFEST
  10. 53 | Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster (1964)